Roll Offs

Roll-off Dumpster Services

Roll Off Services have always been in the back of my mind as an additional service that fit so well with what U Call I Haul was trying to accomplish. We have tried to be a diversified company with all of the services we offer to our customers. Rather than buying five trucks to do five more jobs the decision was made to purchase one truck that could do five more things.

Listed below are the current sizes of containers that are offered:

Roll-off Dumpster Size 1

10 Cubic Yard

10 cubic yard GAR measures 96″ wide 42″ tall and 168″ long

Roll-off Dumpster Size 2

15 Cubic Yard

15 Cubic Yard GAR is a 15 Cubic yard measures 96″ wide 62″ tall and 149″ long.

Roll-off Dumpster Size 3A

20 Cubic Yard

20 Cubic Yard GAR is a 20 cubic yard measures 96″ wide 72″ tall and 168″ long.

Roll-off Dumpster Size 3B

20 Cubic Yard

20 Cubuc Yard UCIH is a 20 cubic yard measures 96″ wide 51″ tall and 264″ long.

Roll-off Dumpster Size 4

30 Cubic Yard

30 Cubic yard UCIH is a 30 cubic yard measures 96″ wide 72″ tall and 264″ long.

Flatbed Services

  • Aggregate products
  • Landscape products
  • Construction and agricultural equipment
  • Snow

Roll-Off Services